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U2 – Elevation

Yeah, yeah High, higher than the sun You shoot me from a gun I need you to elevate me here At the corner of your lips As the orbit of your hips Eclipse, you elevate my soul I’ve got no self control Been living like a mole now Going down,

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U2 – One

One Is it getting betterOr do you feel the sameWill it make it easier on you nowYou got someone to blameYou say…One loveOne lifeWhen it’s one needIn the nightOne loveWe get to share itLeaves you baby if youDon’t care for itDid I disappoint youOr leave a bad taste in your

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U2 – I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight

I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight She’s a rainbow and she loves the peaceful life Knows I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight There’s a part of me in the chaos that’s quiet And there’s a part of you that wants me to riot Everybody

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Usher – Good Kisser

Make every minute worth it, baby This for usher, baby Watch this I done been around the world, i done kissed a lot of girls So i’m guessin’ that it’s true Make me holla and i bet a million dollars Don’t nobody kiss it like you Don’t nobody kiss it

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U2 – Stuck In A Moment You Cant Get Out Of

I’m not afraid Of anything in this world There’s nothing you can throw at me That I haven’t already heard I’m just trying to find A decent melody A song that I can sing In my own company I never thought you were a fool But darling look at you,

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U2 – Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways Johnny take a walk With your sister in the moon Let her pale light in To fill up your room You’ve been living underground Eating from a can You’ve been running away From what you don’t understand… Look She’s slipping You’re sliding down She’ll be there When you

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U2 – With Or Without You

With or without you See the stone set in your eyesSee the thorn twist in your sideI wait for youSleight of hand and twist of fateOn a bed of nails she makes me waitAnd I wait without youWith or without youWith or without youThrough the storm we reach the shoreYou

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